The mission of BK-Systems Germany is not to be only the classical supplier. Of course delivery terms, high quality standards are today basics for a reliable supplier. When also the price/performance ratio is satisfied firstly nothing more should be necessary.

We want to go a step beyond this services being not only a supplier but an important partner for all questions around the supply chain, in particular if concerning goods with origin from Italian companies.

For this purpose we offer following services:

  • Easy offers from our Italian partners with German speaking, reliable personnel
  • Deep and long-lasting direct contacts to our Italian partners. Local visits welcome!
  • Exceptional good knowledge of the local languages and habits
  • Local sales men with long-lasting technical experience; for example in industrial hydraulics
  • Reduced shipment costs due to bundled shipments with one delivery
  • Local stock for regular purchased products
  • On request we engage in specific product research in the local markets of our competence in particular Italy.

Should we have caught your interest please send you concrete inquiries to We will be in touch with you shortly.