BK-Systems Germany offers apart from customer care and supplies also a platform which helps Italian manufacturers to enter the German speaking area. This support reaches from easy translations works to exclusive marketing engagement in the areas of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Following service we offer:

  • Translations, also very technical ones. Local operators in Italy possess from good to very good German language knowledge and your responsible partner in Germany knows not only your language but also the habits of your country.
  • Transmission of German working mentality and local habits
  • You profit from the actual existing customers from BK-Systems, allowing target oriented customer contact and acquisition
  • Joint visits to customers and related travel plan organization
  • Joint trade fairs
  • Coordination of transports up to establishing local stock and order management through BK-Systems Germany in Germany.

Please consider in your evaluations that BK-Systems Germany has as clear target to reach with your support a solid and long-lasing partnership between manufacturing company and service company.

We have all the requirements to become your exclusive sales partner in the German speaking area, like your own daughter company.

Do we have caught your interest? Send your inquiries to info@bk-systems-germany.de
You will receive our feedback immediately.

Following companies have already taken the decision to work exclusively with us:

A.F. Automazione di Alberto Fritolli
Alter s.r.l.
Fox s.r.l.
Fratelli Barzon
Naldoni e Biondi S.r.l.