AF automazione

Our partner for assembly and test benches for hydraulic cylinders is A.F. Automazione


A.F. Automazione di Alberto Fritolli from Cremona (Italy) produces industrial automation systems. The company was founded in 2000 with the intention to offer a total support in electric, electronic and computer components of machines and industrial plants.

AF automazione BAT-H 35-6

In 2005, A.F. AUTOMAZIONE started a collaboration with an oil hydraulic company in design and manufacturing of an assembly and test bench for hydraulic cylinders. This experience gave them the possibility to study many projects addressed to cylinders manufacturers and repairers.

The assembly and test bench is an equipment designed to satisfy the typical needs of manufacturers and repairers during the hydraulic cylinder assembly and test process. In the design of this tool,  A.F. Automazione wanted to improve one of the most important phases of the manufacturing project, combining modern technologies, solid features, security and design, giving value to an important area of the company.

The complete and versatile technology of their hydraulic cylinder test and assembly bench allows to assemble and test the cylinders without moving them continuously from the production to the test area. If situated in a dedicated zone provided with a component warehouse, the bench becomes a complete operational centre for assembling, testing and marking of cylinders before the shipping process.


Five different types of assembly and test benches are available:

  • model BAT-H 15
  • model BAT-H 15 twin
  • model BAT-H 35-4
  • model BAT-H 35-6
  • model BAT-H 35-7



Further information: A.F. Automazione presentation (PDF)

Downloads: Assembly and test benches for hydraulic cylinders (PDF)