Fox s.r.l. is a family owned, italian company with worldwide reputation as producer of accumulators, measure and control instruments for industrial applications. Together with BK-Systems Germany Fox is now on the way to ground on the German market.




High quality products (100% made in Italy) as service orientation ist he target. For this purpose for example a local stock is established in BK-Systems Germany in order that most components are immediately available. You can check our current stock level of products by Fox here: Stock list Fox




Technical innovation is also for Fox at first priority; so there are for example accumulators in special executions in stainless steel or large accumulator batteries available in any size.











Stock items: Stock list Fox

Product groups: hydraulic accumulators, pulsation dampersmeasurement and control instruments, pressure switches

Webpage: www.fox.it

Further information: General catalogue 2014

Downloads: Fox general catalogue (PDF)Fox pulsation dampers (PDF)