Our exclusive supplier of accessories for accumulators is Fox s.r.l.




Filling and testing ARM28

data sheet: Fox ARM28




The equipment of preload ARM28 is an essential tool for the operations of control and restoration of the nitrogen pressure into accumulators.







Safety blocks

data sheet: Fox SB




These safety devices, which are essential to preserve the accumulator from phenomena of over-pressure, are provided of a valve of maximum pressure settled in the factory at different values and of a discharge valve which is available in manual and electric version or manual only.






Safety valve gas sideVG34

data sheet: Fox VG34





These valves are mounted in order to protect the accumulator in case of gas overpressures higher than the value of the maximum allowable working pressure. So the calibration of the valve must be equal or lower than this value.





collari mensole


Clamps and brackets

data sheet: Fox CR – CRE, MCR – CRO




Designed for specific use on accumulator installation, both clamps and brackets are supplied complete with rubber support to ensure rigid mounting.







Filling and testing AR

data sheet: Fox AR




The equipment of preload AR is an essential tool for the operations of control and restoration of the pressure of the nitrogen in the accumulators. Body in zinc-plated steel and max working pressure of 500 bar.

Standard execution:
– manometer included
– useful dedicated handbag
– 2.5 m flexible pipe for cylinder nitrogen







Spare parts (bladders and diaphrams)

data sheet: Spare parts