Our exclusive supplier of diaphram accumulators is Fox s.r.l.





Fox HST / 300 Serie

data sheet: Fox HST




Diaphragm acumulator made in painted carbon steel by two different parts united with a special threading that under condition of dynamic pressure tends to self-block. Standard diaphragm can be used with mineral oil and not corrosive fluid. Also available superficial treatment out of standard.







Fox H / 250 Serie

data sheet: Fox H




Not repairable diaphragm accumulator in cold formed steel by patented execution which have not welding on the maximum diameter. Standard diaphragm for working to mineral oil and not aggressive fluid. Available with diaphragm for working temperature -40°C and for corrosive fluids.



Maintenance and repair diaphram accumulators

Download (PDF):

User’s Guide and Maintenance Reference for Hydraulic Accumulators

Maintenance and repair diaphram accumulators Fox