Our exclusive supplier of stainless steel accumulators is Fox s.r.l.





Fox HBX Serie

Datenblatt: Fox HBX




Hydropneumatic accumulator designed according to international standards. Stainless steel body with different possibilities of pockets in relation to the fluid used.







Fox HSTX / 150-210 Serie

Datenblatt: Fox HSTX




Accumulator in AISI 316 L stainless steel by two different parts united with a special threading that under condition of dynamic pressure tends to self-block.
Available special execution for maximum working pressure further 500 bar.





HTRX cad


Fox HTRX Serie

Datenblatt: Fox HTRX




Hydropneumatic bladder accumulator with stainless steel body AISI316L in welded execution. The HTRX series is suitable for the use with water and with the aggressive fluids used on the alimentary, chemical, pharmaceutical and
petrochemical sectors.





ACSX cad


Fox ACSX Serie

Datenblatt: Fox ACSX




Bladder type hydropneumatic accumulators with body in AISI 316L stainless steel.








Fox BTHX Serie

Datenblatt: Fox BTHX




Accumulator in AISI 316 L stainless steel with a diaphragm in PTFE for work with every kind of fluids. Available in two different versions for high pressure (BTHX) and for low pressure (BTHX). Also available with body in PVC