Breather filter Pressure filters Stainless steel pressure filters In-line filters Return filters Suction filter Spin-On filters

Our supplier for hydraulic filters is MP Filtri S.p.A.


The following product groups are already fully inserted in our system and available from stock:

  • – A: filter element for SA Tank breather filter
  • – BV: Visual level indicator
  • – CS: Filter element for spin-on filter MPS
  • – CU: Filter element for return filter FRI und RF2
  • – HP: Filter element for in-line pressure filter FMP, FHP
  • – LVA: Visual level indicator
  • – MF: Filter element for return filter MPF, MPH and MPT
  • – MPF: return filter
  • – MPS: Spin-on filter
  • – MPT: return filter
  • – MR: Filter element for return filter MPH
  • – STR: Submerged suction filter
  • – TA: Metal air breather filter
  • – TAP: Nylon air breather filter
  • – TSD: Nylon filler caps