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Directional valves on-off NG6 to NG50

– Solenoid valves, poppet valves and spool valves
– Special executions: Safety valves, ATEX ex-proof valves, intrinsically safe valves, stainless steel valves
– Mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic operated valves


Modular valves NG6 to NG25

– Modular valves: pressure relief valves
– Modular valves: pressure reducing valves
– Modular valves: flow control valves
– Modular valves: check valves
– Modular valves: pressure compensators
– Modular valves: fast/slow control valves


Conventional valves

– Pressure control valves: screw-in, in line, subplate or flange mounting valves
– Flow control valves: in line and subplate valves
– Check valves: Screw-in and in line valves


Proportional valves NG6 to NG100

– Analog or digital control
– Pressure control valves, flow control valves, directional valves
– Servo proportional valves, high performance zero overlap valves
– Proportional cartridge valves: pressure relief valves, pressure reducing valves, throttle valves
– ATEX ex-proof proportional valves


Electronics for proportional valves

– Drivers for proportionals with and without integrated transducers
– OBE on the valve integrated electronics
– Separate electronics: plug-in format amplifier, panel format amplifier, Eurocard format amplifier
– Accessories
– Programming software for digital proportional valves


Cartridge valves NG06 to NG100

– Cartridge pressure relief valves
– Cartridge pressure reducing valves
– Cartridge flow control valves
– Cartridge directional valves
– Cartridge check valves
– Active on-off safety cartidges with position monitoring


Hydraulic pumps

– Fixed displacement pumps: vane pumps, radial piston pumps, gear pumps
– Variable displacement pumps: vane pumps, axial piston pumps with and without proportional control for p/Q control
– Multiple pumps
– Hand pumps
– ATEX ex-proof pumps


Hydraulic cylinder, servo cylinder & ISO standard cylinder

– Cylinders with square and round heads according to ISO 6020/1, 6020/2, 6020/3, 6022
– Servo cylinder with various integrated position measuring systems
– Special executions: ATEX explosion proof, adjustable or fix proximity switches, stainless steel versions
– attachments