Our exclusive supplier of vacuum switches is Fox s.r.l.





Fox W3 Serie

data sheet: W3



“W3” adjustable vacuum switches allow a micro-switch commutation once a preset vacuum value is reached. The operating point is found by adjusting the external screw located at the center of the instrument, rotating the screw clockwise to decrease and vice-versa to increase the value. Mechanical stops protect both the spring and the micro-switch from over pressurization.





WF4 Serie

data sheet: WF4




The “WF4” vacuum switching series allow a commutation of a micro-switch when the de-pressure value re-planed by the user is reached. Working on the central key in the P2 execution or intercepting the regulation dowel put inside the instrument with a 2mm hexagonal key and rotating in hourly sense, the operating point is increased and vice-versa is decreased.