Our exclusive supplier of shear blades is Tecnolame






Shear blades of Tecnolame are built with high-quality tool steel that ensures reliability and durability. They are suitable for cutting material with resistances up to R = 80KG/mm². The heat treatments mad in tecnolame are performed with equipment created specifically to ensure maximum yield.


The following shear blades of leading machine manufacturers such as Schiavi, LVD, Amada and Baykal are already available in our BK hydraulic-shop on Ebay:


Tecnolame Schiavi GH1040 shear blade set 404 cm

Tecnolame LVD_0631 shear blade set 315 cm

Tecnolame Amada GS630 shear blade set 310 cm

Tecnolame Baykal HGL shear blade set 310 cm


Deliveries from stock in Italy will be completed within one week. For German-speaking countries, the delivery is free of charge.


Of course the full product range of Tecnolame can be requested directly at BK-Systems Germany. Contact: info@bk-systems-germany.de