Since 2016, we have successfully traded the proven vane pumps of the Berarma brand. In our hydraulic warehouse we carry all pumps of the series PHP, PLP, PSP and PVS. The exact article designations can be found below in our stock list. In addition, we also have the appropriate non-return valve NRV with flange connection. The quantities can either be viewed online in our shop Hydraulik 4.0 on Ebay or be requested by phone or email. Our stock is constantly updated and expanded.

Further information about our warehouse and our shipping service can be found here.


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directly via email to

You are welcome to order online in our shop Hydraulik 4.0 on Ebay, as far as the article is already inserted.

Shipment within 24 hours!!


01-NRV-3-L-M-PL non-return valve bis 350bar Shop NRV
01-PHP-05-16-FHRM vane pump 16cc/250bar Shop PHP
01-PHP-1-20-FHRM vane pump 20cc/250bar Shop PHP
01-PHP-1-25-FHRM vane pump 25cc/250bar Shop PHP
01-PHP-1-32-FHRM vane pump 32cc/250bar Shop PHP
01-PHP-2-40-FHRM vane pump 40cc/250bar Shop PHP
01-PHP-2-50-FHRM vane pump 50cc/250bar Shop PHP
01-PHP-2-63-FHRM vane pump 63cc/250bar Shop PHP
01-PLP-05-16-FHRM vane pump 16cc/120bar Shop PLP
01-PLP-05-16-FGR2HRM vane pump 16cc/120bar Shop PLP
01-PLP-1-20-FHRM vane pump 20cc/100bar Shop PLP
01-PLP-1-25-FHRM vane pump 25cc/100bar Shop PLP
01-PLP-1-32-FHRM vane pump 32cc/100bar Shop PLP
01-PLP-2-40-FHRM vane pump 40cc/100bar Shop PLP
01-PLP-2-50-FHRM vane pump 50cc/100bar Shop PLP
01-PLP-2-63-FHRM vane pump 63cc/100bar Shop PLP
02-PSP-2-40-FHRM vane pump 40cc/160bar Shop PSP
02-PSP-2-50-FHRM vane pump 50cc/160bar Shop PSP
02-PSP-3-63-FHRM vane pump 63cc/150bar Shop PSP
02-PSP-3-80-FHRM vane pump 80cc/150bar Shop PSP
02-PSP-3-100-FHRM vane pump 100cc/150bar Shop PSP
02-PVS-1-20-FHRM vane pump 20cc/100bar Shop PVS
02-PVS-2-40-FHRM vane pump 40cc/100bar Shop PVS
02-PVS-2-50-FHRM vane pump 50cc/100bar Shop PVS
02-PVS-3-63-FHRM vane pump 63cc/80bar Shop PVS
02-PVS-3-80-FHRM vane pump 80cc/80bar Shop PVS
02-PVS-3-100-FHRM vane pump 100cc/80bar Shop PVS

Last update: 20.03.18