In our hydraulic stock we offer electronic pressure switch DG and pressure transmitter DT2, check valves RK, RB and RH, directional seat valves NBVP, as well as directional gate type SG of the brand HAWE. The current stock items can be found on the stock list below. The quantities can either be viewed online in our shop Hydraulik 4.0 on Ebay or by phone or email us. Our stock is constantly updated and expanded.

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You are welcome to order online in our shop Hydraulik 4.0 on Ebay, as far as the article is already inserted.

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30128006-00 RK 1 check valve Shop D7445-en
30128014-00 RB 1 check valve Shop D7445-en
34088133-00 NBVP 16 G-G24-4/3 4/3-way directional seated valve Shop D7765N-en
62178100-00 DT 2-2 Electronic pressure transducer Shop D5440T/1-en
62178124-00 DG 62 Electronic pressure switches Shop D5440F-en
69003756-04 SG 3 G-AK-4/3 Directional spool valve Shop D5650/1-en
75400016-00 RD 11 throttle restrictor check valve Shop D7540-en
75440010-00 DG 33 Pressure switch Shop D5440-en
75440011-00 DG 34 Pressure switch Shop D5440-en
75440012-00 DG 35 Pressure switch Shop D5440-en
75440025-00 DG 365 Pressure switch Shop D5440-en
76105001-00 RH 1 Releasable check valve Shop D6105-en

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