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Hydraulic Pumps

Posted by on Mar 24, 2017 in |

Our hydraulic pumps all impress with their above-average service life, consistent, high-quality performance and, last but not least, low noise levels. Their reliable use is guaranteed even with high pressure ranges. BK-Systems Germany GmbH relies above all on the hydraulic pumps of well-known Italian manufacturers. We purchase vane pumps from BERARMA and ATOS, gear pumps and micro pumps from MARZOCCHI and axial piston pumps from ATOS. Due to the high demand for gear pumps of the BOSCH REXROTH brand, we have also included them in our product portfolio. The same applies to ATOS gear and hand pumps. We offer all common hydraulic pumps of this product range from stock, in order to guarantee our customers maximum service and short delivery times. Vane pumps Berarma Serie 01 PHP datasheet PHP more Info stock list Berarma Serie 01 PLP datasheet PLP more Info stock list Berarma Serie 02 PSP datasheet PSP more Info stock list Berarma Serie 02 PVS datasheet PVS more Info stock list Atos Serie PFE-31,41,51 datasheet A005 Mehr Info 5 Wochen LZ Atos Serie PFE-32,42,52 datasheet A007 Mehr Info 5 Wochen LZ Atos Serie PFED datasheet A180 Mehr Info 5 Wochen LZ Axialkolbenpumpen Atos      Serie PVPC             Datenblatt A160 Mehr Info 5 Wochen LZ Zahnradpumpen Marzocchi Serie ALP Datenblatt ALP Mehr Info Lagerbestand Marzocchi Serie 1BK7 Datenblatt 1BK7 Mehr Info Lagerbestand Marzocchi Serie 1P Datenblatt 1P Mehr Info Lagerbestand Bosch Rexroth Serie F Datenblatt AZPF Mehr Info Lagerbestand Atos Serie PFG Datenblatt A055 vergriffen! siehe Scoda PFC Scoda Serie PFC Datenblatt SA056 Mehr Info 5 Wochen LZ Micropumpen Marzocchi Serie 0,25-0,50 Datenblatt 0,25-050 Mehr Info Lagerbestand   Last Update:...

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Complete product overview: The following Marzocchi pumps are available from stock: Stocklist Marzocchi     1P series Marzocchi’s 1P gear pumps offer a complete range of high performance aluminium pumps that cover all the requirements of a unit application and are also suitable for various mobile and industrial applications. Assembly 1 has a flow rate of 1.1 to 8 cm³/rev. The max. operating pressure can reach up to 230 bar, depending on the version. The 1P series is characterised above all by its resistance to vibrations and temperature shocks. The following versions are available: 1P (standard)    Rectangular flange, tapered or milled shaft, inlet and outlet openings on housing 1P KA                Rectangular flange, tapered or milled shaft, rear cover inputs/outputs 1P BW                2-hole (diagonal mount) Flange, Ø45.24 Pilot, milled shaft, threaded ports on body 1P R                    reversing pump, rectangular flange, toothed or milled shaft, connections on housing 1P VM               pumps with integrated electro-proportional valve, rectangular flange, conical or milling shaft, connections on housing 1BK4                  2-hole flange (diagonal mounting), Ø32 pilot, taper or milling shaft, threaded connections on housing 1BK7                  2-hole (diagonal mounting) flange, Ø32 pilot, milled shaft, threaded connections on housing Available delivery volumes are shown in the following diagram: Typ 1.6 2.0 2.5 3.3 4.2 5.0 5.8 6.7 7.5 9.2 11,5 cm³/U 1.1 1.3 1.6 2.1 2.7 3.2 3.7 4.2 4.8 5.8 8.0 The available special versions can be found in the chapter on the ALP series. Further information, see data sheet: 1P   ALP series The ALP series gear pumps are divided into 4 groups. Each group has different delivery volumes (1.4 to 200 cm3/rev), which are achieved by varying the gears. Various flanges, shafts, suction and pressure connections are available. In particular, the following versions are available: Reversible direction pumps (option “R”) Pumps with pressure limitation (Option “VM”) Available funding volumes are shown in the following diagram: ALP 1 1.4 2.1 2.8 3.5 4.1 5.2 6.2 7.6 9.3 11.0 13.8 ALP 2 4.5 6.4 7.0 8.3 9.6 11.5 14.1 16.0 17.9 21.1 23.7 25.5 28.2 35,2 ALP 3 20.0 22.0 26.0 33.0 29.0 44.0 52.0 61.0 71.0 78.0 87.0 ALP 4 87.0 106 128 147 166 181 200 Delivery volume [cm3/rev] SPECIAL VERSIONS Versions for special applications are also available: V: Version for use with high temperature medium. Application range from -10°C to +120°C. Between -10°C to +80°C pressure P1, P2 and P3 is allowed, above this pressure P1 should...

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